Laughter with each other is what couples need the most, even more so when relationships have somewhat cooled. Unfortunately, laughter increases more in a group setting than between two people. A study found that people laugh 6 times more when in the company of one person, but this increases to 30 times when in the company of a group of people.

It is said that married couples get their happiness from TV sitcoms when they can share jokes with each other. However, in some cases, they simply do not have the jokes to share. Hence the stories on humour, collected by the Author to help you share stories together and build a better relationship.

Marriages now a days does not have good PR. The divorce rate is high and people who are in it are stressed. There are however, very simple ways to help you out. You need humour and laughter to spice up your relationship or marriage. Just think about these:

Humour and laughter relieve tension. That’s what telling jokes is all about. You create tension and build it; then you pop the balloon by delivering the punch line.
Laughter turns you into a human vibrator that massages practically every organ in the body.

Laughter has been likened to an aerobic workout. The average laugh comes out at about 70 miles an hour and provides the same benefits as 10 minutes of rowing. It strengthens the immune system, lightens pain, eases stress, and improves circulation and breathing.

Humour and laughing together gives marriages strength and spontaneity. Love and laughter build intimacy.

Humour contributes to closeness because it indicates similar values, interests, intelligence, imagination, and needs.

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Laughter establishes a positive emotional climate between a couple who enjoy each other’s company. In addition to the pleasure and social aspects, laughter can subdue anger, stress and anxiety and therefor facilitate intimacy. Laughter plays a big role in mating. Men like women who laugh heartily in their presence.
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By William Appiah