Sex is a topic which every married couple has an opinion about. When it comes to the practicalities of sex, everyone seems to have some fair knowledge of how to go about it. Given the fact that there is no school that teaches how to have a proper marriage along with a module on sex, people seem to have obtained their knowledge from other sources such as friends, their culture and traditions and, in more recent times, books and pornography.

This book, Battles On The Marriage Bed, is written to inform couples about the need for sexual intimacy in the marriage. This is one of the day-to-day details of life which are often ignored or taken for granted in a marriage. Marriage is a vineyard and lack of information is an animal that digs into it. When you lack information about sex as a couple, with time, sex becomes a ‘little fox’ that digs holes and create mess in the marriage, eroding the love and intimacy that exist in the marriage and ultimately weakening or even tearing it apart. It is important that you are able to catch this ‘little fox’ that nibbles the roots of your love before it destroys the foundation of the marriage including sexual intimacy.

This book, with the subtitle; How To Resolve Marital Sex Issues Without A Peace Keeping Force, points out that; along with happiness, companionship, laughter, and love, marriage involves obtaining and giving sexual satisfaction and fulfilment. These are not easy experiences. It is vital that you pay attention to the details of the day-to-day issues so that you will be able to use God-given solutions when these situations arise.

This book will also equip you with valuable information, as well as supporting biblical quotations and techniques to help you beat the ‘little fox’ that might rear its head in your marriage. You must make every effort to sustain your marriage and enjoy it to its true potential in a fulfilled way. You will not be a candidate for divorce because you will be able to nip every ‘little fox’ in the bud before it takes hold and starts gnawing at the root of your love.